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GN LASER and Wuhan Raycus technology exchange meeting held successfully


July 30, GN LASER and Wuhan Raycus technology exchange meeting held in Wuhan.During the meeting, we visited the corporate culture exhibition hall and some production workshops of Wuhan Raycus, and shared and discussed the high-power laser cutting, laser welding and various laser applications.



Wuhan Raycus is a national torch plan key high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of fiber laser and its key components and materials.




As a pioneer enterprise in the field of laser cutting in China, GN LASERhas a long history of cooperation with Wuhan Raycus. Both sides take the opportunity of cooperation in the field of laser processing to establish a long-term strategic partnership and conduct in-depth cooperation and support in technology application, talent training and other aspects.



As a bridge and link between the two sides, this exchange meeting aims to promote the study and exchange platform with laser processing solutions and industry applications as the core, so as to assist the partners to build the knowledge system and provide more professional services to the end customers.