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The CIMT 2019 GN LASER has had a great success


The 16th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2019) on April 15 - April 20 successfully held in Beijing, GN LASERwith high power of CFD-4020Gseries12000Wfiber laser cutting machine in the exhibition, the appearance of the new machine structure design, flowing simple operating system, and efficient cutting scene demonstration, to show the audience left a deep impression.



In the laser cutting industry, technical parameters, power, configuration and so on are only part of the standards to measure the product, the laser cutting machine really shows the cutting efficiency, cutting quality, equipment quality, as well as the user experience of the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is the full embodiment of the brand value.This exhibition, GN LASERwith high quality laser cutting equipment and exquisite laser cutting technology attracted the attention of many users, and was fully recognized and praise.



At the exhibition site, GN LASERstaffare all complacent, carefully to the visitors to explain the characteristics and advantages of the equipment.There are also many customers expressed the recognition of our equipment and on-site workers professional spirit, and revealed the late purchase intention for our equipment.Within a few days of the exhibition, with the joint efforts of all partners, we signed several high-power laser orders with the intended customers, and achieved a good result.