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Yin feng, general manager of GN LASER, was awarded


On January 18, 2019, sponsored by the laser industry association in Hubei province "the third Hubei laser conference" was held in Wuhan, through the national ministry of small and medium-sized enterprise development promotion center, laser industry association in Hubei province, such as recommended, GN LASERequipment manufacturing co., LTD., general manager of Yin Feng was awarded the honorary title of "leader" laser.



Wuhan GN LASERequipment manufacturing co., ltd. was established in 1999, is a set of professional laser equipment research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, registered capital of 10 million yuan.For 20 years, Yin feng, general manager of GN LASER, has been adhering to his dream, leading the excelsior "GN LASERteam", focusing on technical innovation, quality stability, precision manufacturing, attentive service, insisting on doing every detail well, rewarding every customer with high quality, and taking the customer's success as the embodiment of enterprise value.The achievement of this award is not only a grand reward for general manager Yin feng's entrepreneurial spirit of undertaking, striving, innovation and pursuit of excellence, but also a full recognition and recognition from all walks of life for the overall operation and development of GN LASER.


Precise positioning and strong technical strength enable Wuhan GN LASER to rise rapidly in the laser field, and become a well-known laser cutting equipment manufacturer, and for many years have sold more than 100 million.The company has its own import and export rights, the products are exported to Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Jordan and other more than 40 countries in the world.The enterprise spirit of dedication, enterprising and exploration encourages "GN LASERpeople" to continue to innovate, takes the mission of promoting the transformation of laser technology into advanced productive forces as the national cause, makes the GN LASER a new name card for China to the world, and strives to make the high energy laser become the light of the world.


This award will not only enhance the market awareness of GN LASER, shape a good reputation of GN LASER, strengthen the leading position ofGN LASERin the industry, but also promote GN LASERto become an international famous brand.GN LASERwill also take this opportunity, in the future development, and strive to achieve more brilliant results, for the laser industry to contribute their own strength