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GN LASER 2019 first "exhibition" success, high power has become a new trend in the future


The 4-day western China international equipment manufacturing expo has been successfully held in Xi 'an Qujiang international convention and exhibition center. As the first exhibition in 2019, the high-powered laser carries two star products: medium-power NCF-3300w optical fiber laser cutting machine and high-power CFD-i8-8000w optical fiber laser cutting machine.The site intuitively allows customers to have a closer understanding of GN LASERquality, leading laser cutting machine technology and products, and experience GN LASERhigh-end, professional, intimate service and quality exhibition site.


3300Won-the-spotcutting display


8000W on-the-spot cutting display


After years of technical precipitation, the GN LASERgrasps the development opportunity of the laser manufacturing industry, gradually grasps and optimizes the ultra-fast cutting technology with high power of the laser cutting machine, and has made great progress in improving the ability of laser cutting thick plate.In this exhibition, the GN LASERtechnical staff showed the actual cutting performance of 8000W high-power laser cutting machine for the audience, won the praise of many customers and the audience, but also made a good achievement in the field of singular equipment, set off a laser cutting machine ordering upsurge.


live shot